Romanian couple ‘knits’ successful business from traditional woolen quilts

Sursa: Pixabay A Romanian couple has crafted a successful business out of traditional woolen quilts which are sold to hotels and luxury yachts around Europe.

Traditional craft Catalin and Oana Tatu tapped into the traditional craft 13 years ago when their daughter was born. They wanted to find something comfortable, warm and natural in her crib.

They started out making the quilts to earn money after Catalin Tatu, an engineer, was laid off from the textile factory he worked. It was 2009 and an economic downturn gripped Romania.

They started out as a small business at in the northern city of Piatra Neamt and expanded as orders came in. They managed to secure European Union financing which allowed them to build their business.

Yachts Confort Merino now export to the UK, and upmarket hotels in France, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands.

„At the beginning it was just me, then we had to hire someone as we couldn’t cope, and things went from there,” Catalin Tatu told Digi24 in a report broadcast Monday.

Oana Tatu said her husband’s technical know-how came in handy from his work at a men’s clothing factory where they made suits and shirts.

“We created a small online shop and started thing,” she said. “We realized we could make things work even if we were small as we were producing something that wasn’t on the market.”

Oana Tatu said they have contracts with companies who sell yachts. Their merino quilts can be found on luxury yachts “in the bedroom, the master bedroom,” she said.

Initially, they didn’t have the right equipment to fill the quilts with merino wool and had to travel 50 kilometers.  “We had to get them filled, bring them back, pack them and sell them.”

European funds “This became harder and harder… but the business wasn’t big enough to buy the equipment and so our only chance was European funds which allowed us to develop.”

The equipment allows for the quilt to be filled without the material moving around. This makes is durable and easier to clean.

They made a variety of bedding products, including pillows mattress protectors and quilts of varying thickness. The company uses sustainable wool and also organic cotton.

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