Romania’s anti-Semitism czar tears into academic forum for promoting physiologist who called for ‘extermination of Jews’

ALEXANDER VORONCOV/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Romania’s anti-Semitism czar has called out the country’s top academic forum for „eulogizing” a physiologist who said Jews should be exterminated.

Elite intellectuals Alexandru Muraru on Tuesday said the Romanian Academy, which groups the country’s elite intellectuals and scientists had last week „eulogized Nicolae Paulescu,” in a special event. It failed to „mention his virulent anti-Semitism.”

Prof.  Paulescu, a Romanian medicine professor educated in Paris who did important work on diabetes more than a century ago, had a darker side.

He wrote about the „biological inferiority of Jews” in the 1920s. He also founded the  National Christian Union and later the far-right National Christian Defense League in Romania.

Notorious Mr Muraru called him  „a notorious anti-Semitic ideologist and activist… who laid the groundwork for mass extermination of the Jews.”

Mr. Muraru, is an adviser to the Romanian prime minister on anti-Semitism. He said that the Romanian Academy „can’t ignore the anti-Semitic political activity of NC Paulescu.”

Diabetes The adviser added that Prof Paulescu’s  „scientific merits” including his work on diabetes should be showcased. However his achievements should be regarded „together with his political actions where as a professor he used his anti-Semitic theories based on pseudo-science about the biological inferiority of the the Jews as an argument for discrimination, persecution and extermination.”

„The lack of an honest approach…. is like the kind of attitudes they had in the communist period”, Mr Muraru, a Liberal lawmaker said.

Anti-democratic Ignoring his anti-Semitic and anti-democratic views and choosing to emphasize his scientific work was „an exoneration and a huge responsibility.”

Nicolae Paulescu wrote „the Degeneration of the Yiddish Race” in 1928. He adopted „the xenophobic ideologies in the interwar period.” He died in 1931 before the Holocaust.

His theories are based on „elements of biological racism. He didn’t hesitate to use medicine for ideological purposes.”

He called „Greater Romania”  referring to the territories Romania gained after World War I „a splendid fruit, if only it didn’t have a parasite which sucks the life out of it.”

‘Sleeping worm’ „This sleeping worm, the Jew, which poisons its sons….  which kidnaps its daughters and make them barren…. steals bread from the mouths of poor Romanians,” he wrote in 1925.

The Elie Wiesel International Committee for the Study of the Holocaust published a report in 2004 saying that Romanian authorities were responsible for the deaths of 280,000 to 380,000 Jews and 11,000 Roma from 1940 to 1944.

New Holocaust museum and memorial at notorious Communist jail to be financed with EU funds, Romanian lawmaker says

Romanian town bans e-scooters from pedestrian areas

Electric scooters will be banned in the city of Drobeta Turnu Severin in southwest Romania, the mayor said Monday.

Mayor Marius Screciu said the ban was for safety reasons. He said it came after a number of complaints from local residents.

He said the town council would formally pass the ban at a meeting on July 30.

Under the new rules, scooters will be banned from pedestrian areas and promenades in the Roman-era Danube port in southwest Romania.

“Young people don’t respect the rules, they go too fast and they have hit passers-by,” the mayor said.

He called the ban “a tough decision, but necessary for everyone’s safety, especially the elderly and children who find it hard to get out of the way.”

He said the city of needed to set out new rules to avoid future accidents.

“We will have warnings and fines. People that don’t understand will have their scooters taken away,” he wrote on social media.

Drobeta-Turnu Severin, commonly known as Severin is a picturesque port of about 90,000 in southwest Romania. It has a milder climate than other regions and fig trees and almond trees grow there.

Under current rules, drivers have to be at least 14. Scooters are only allowed on special paths at a maximum speed of 50 kilometers an hour.

They are banned from sidewalks. They have to have lights and riders need to wear a helmet.

Riders can’t take passengers.

VIDEO | Dozens of electric scooters being thrown in water for fun in Romania

Nine people die in two separate road accidents in Romania

Sursa: captură video Romanian police say that nine people died on Sunday in two separate road accidents. It was one of the highest daily tolls for traffic deaths in the East European country which has the highest number of traffic deaths in the European Union.

Seven people died after a car collided with a minibus on Sunday morning on a highway in eastern Romania.

Emergency officials had to cut the minibus roof to rescue the victims. Local authorities have triggered a red alert during the post-crash operation.

The victims were five adults and two children, spokesman for the emergency services Andrei Grecu said.

Another five people were transported to the Emergency Hospital in the eastern city of Bacau, he told Agerptres news agency.

He said four adults in the bus died, and an adult and two children travelling in the car also died.

The road was closed in the area. There were no further details about the accident which happened on a sunny Sunday morning.

Eleven  ambulances were sent to the scene.

Two people died and five people were injured in a separate traffic accident western Romania on Sunday. A child was among the dead.

The crash occurred when two cars collided near the village of Biharia on a national highway, the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations said.

Romania has the highest number of traffic deaths in the EU.

More than 1,800 people died in road accidents in 2019. Excessive speed  is the main cause. Failing to give priority to pedestrians crossing the road, and illegal overtaking maneuvers are other reasons.

2 Romanian traffic cops ‘averted a disaster’ when U.S. military chopper made emergency landing in busy square

VIDEO | Dozens of electric scooters being thrown in river, lake for fun in Romania, owners say

Sursa: captură video Electric scooter companies say they have fished out dozens of electric scooters from a lake and river in the Romanian capital,  Digi24 reported on Saturday.

Some of them are so badly damaged they can’t be used again. Others are vandalized and have their GPS system taken out. They are then are painted and sold on the internet, owners say.

A group of youngsters filmed themselves hurling e-scooters in the Dambovita river that runs through the city of 2 million, and it’s not a one-off event, managers said.


Adrian Daniel, a manager said that in the Herestrau Lake in northern Bucharest told Digi24 : „You can see the e-scooters in the water from the edge, I caught a minor throwing one in.”

Other e-scooters are destroyed or unable to be located after thieves deactivate the GPS system.

Luca Mateescu, an operational manager of a company said some scooters have built-in mechanisms and any suspicious activity is quickly detected.

A single electric scooter costs in the region of 1,000 euros.

The problem isn’t limited to Romania. In  Germany divers found  hundreds of e-scooters at the bottom of the River Rhine. In France and the U.S. they have been thrown in the water for fun too.

Romanian police arrest ‘elusive cigarette smuggler’ who ran major tobacco smuggling racket

Foto: Unsplash Romanian police have arrested an elusive and notorious cigarette smuggler accused of running  a major ring  from Eastern Europe to the UK, France and Italy where contraband cigarettes were sold for a huge profit.

Preventive arrest Police said they took Cosmin Mladin into custody in Bucharest on Friday shortly after a court ruled he could be put under preventive arrest pending an investigation into  cigarette smuggling and money laundering.

Mr Mladin, who has managed to avoid detention, appeared unexpectedly with another member of the organized crime group at a court hearing ruling on his arrest.

Police detained the pair outside the courthouse. They will be kept in custody for 30 days, Digi24 reported.

Crime boss His arrest came a week after Romanian police and the anti-crime prosecutors unit, DIICOT, carried out 157 searches in the western county of Arad and across Romania.

They failed to find the crime boss and his deputy. Some 90 people were taken for questioning, of which 70 were in Bucharest. Police officers were also involved, according to sources.

The organized crime gang had about 100 people specialized in cigarette smuggling and money laundering.

Police said the organized crime group was established in 2017 in Arad.

Cross-border It includes a cross-border component, which takes advantage of the significant market price differences for cigarettes from Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Serbia.

The group managed to evade customs control and sold the cigarettes in Romania and other Western European countries.

Cigarettes were transported from Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Serbia and loaded on to trucks belonging to transport companies controlled by the group’s partners in the three countries.

Warehouses The cigarettes were hidden among wooden panels or pasta, or in some cases the trucks were declared empty on entry to Romania.

After entering Romania, the cigarettes were transported to warehouses and unloaded by members of the group.

Some were sold in Romania and others were hidden among auto parts and taken to Britain, Germany, France and Italy.

Unpaid tax British police say the value of unpaid tax from cigarettes they have seized is around 10 million pounds.

Cigarette smuggling probe up in smoke after ‘smitten’ insider tipped off traffickers

US Black Hawk helicopter that made emergency landing in Bucharest had metal fatigue- report claims

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea A U.S Black Hawk helicopter that was forced to make an emergency landing in Bucharest had metal fatigue in its gearbox, a report has claimed.

The chopper reported a loss of altitude while flying over the city on July 15 during rehearsals with Romanian helicopters ahead of Romania’s aviation day on Monday.

It made an emergency landing on a roundabout striking two lampposts. No one was injured.

Traffic police cleared an area intended for cars and pedestrians at Charles de Gaulle Square in time for the landing.

Adevarul reported Thursday that the helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing as a result of metal fatigue in its gearbox. It said it could have crashed, and only the quick-thinking of the pilots averted a crash.

Adevarul said the inquiry found that the pilots were alerted by a sensor that there was a major problem in the gearbox.

“After the alert, the American pilots proceeded immediately, acting by the book, and made a forced landing, as danger was imminent,” the paper said quoting military sources.

„Pilots dialed down the motor and the aircraft lost altitude as they looked for a place to do a forced landing which they managed successfully,” the report said.

“They were only a few seconds from tragedy,” it added.

The defense ministry confirmed at the time that the U.S. helicopter pilots were able to control the aircraft while landing to ensure zero casualties.

“We regret the incident that happened Thursday… with a helicopter of the US Armed Forces forced to land in Charles de Gaulle Square in Bucharest,” the ministry said.  “Measures have been ordered to avoid the occurrence, in the future, of such incidents.”

The defense ministry canceled participation of all aircraft in aviation ceremonies after the incident.

2 Romanian traffic cops ‘averted a disaster’ when U.S. military chopper made emergency landing in busy square

O româncă de 60 de ani a reușit să fure, printr-un plan sofisticat, diamante de 5 milioane €

Foto: Unsplash O româncă de 60 de ani a furat diamante în valoare de aproape 5 milioane de euro dintr-un magazin de bijuterii de lux din Londra, dându-se drept expert în pietre prețioase și schimbându-le cu pietricele de grădină, într-un jaf extrem de sofisticat.

Lulu Lakatos, care s-a născut în România, dar trăiește în Franța, s-a dat drept gemolog și s-a dus să examineze și să evalueze șapte diamante la bijuteria Boodles din Mayfair, centrul Londrei. Femeia a reușit să înlocuiască diamantele cu pietrele de grădină chiar în prezența angajaților magazinului, furtul fiind descoperit abia a doua zi, potrivit BBC.

Hoața a ajuns în magazin în urma unui plan elaborat, în care au fost implicați mai mulți complici. Totul a început în 2016, când președintele Boodles, Nicholas Wainwright, 73 de ani, a fost prezentat unui israelian pe nume „Simon Glas”, care era interesat să-și investească banii în diamante valoroase. Cei doi s-au întâlnit la Monaco o lună mai târziu, unde Wainwright l-a cunoscut pe presupusul partener de afaceri al lui Glas, un rus pe nume „Alexander”. Ulterior, a fost convenită vânzarea a 7 diamante, care urmau să fie evaluate și de „specialista” cumpărătorilor.

Aici a intrat în peisaj Lulu Lakatos, prezentată drept „Anna”, care a ajuns la magazin pe data de 10 martie.

În prezența președintelui Wainwright și a unui expert de la magazin, „Anna” urma să cântărească și să evalueze fiecare diamant în parte. Fiecare piatră era ambalată individual și toate erau puse într-o geantă cu cifru. „Anna” s-a prefăcut că face evaluarea, punând apoi diamantele în geanta încuiată. Dar în timpul acestor operațiuni, ea a reușit să înlocuiască geanta cu diamante cu una similară în care se aflau pietricele de grădină. Se pare că acest lucru a fost făcut când Wainwright fusese chemat la etaj, pentru un telefon important.

Lulu Lakatos a părăsit magazinul, iar la ieșire era așteptată de două femei. Anchetatorii presupun că acestea ar fi preluat diamantele. Hoața și-a schimbat hainele într-o toaletă publică, iar apoi a plecat cu trenul spre Franța folosindu-și pașaportul ei.

A doua zi, la magazin, a fost descoperit furtul.

Pietrele furate, în valoare totală de 4,9 milioane de euro, includ un diamant în formă de inimă de 20 de carate evaluat la mai mult de 2,5 milioane de euro și un diamant roz de trei carate de peste 1,5 milioane de euro.

Doi dintre complici, Christophe Stankovic și Mickael Jovanovic, au fost deja condamnați. Lakatos a fost arestată în Franța, în baza unui mandat european de arestare, în septembrie anul trecut, și a fost extrădată în Marea Britanie. Procesul ei este în plină desfășorare.

Two Romanians charged in international online auction fraud

Sursa foto: Pexels Two Romanians have been charged in connection with an online auction fraud scheme that targeted victims in the U.S,  acting U.S. Attorney Bridget M. Brennan said on Tuesday.

Costel Alecu, 37, and Madalin Ghinea, 34, are charged in the indictment with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, eight counts of wire fraud, conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit service marks, conspiracy to commit money laundering and aggravated identity theft.

The pair were arrested in Romania in March.

The indictment alleges that from July 2008 to August 2020, Alecu, Ghinea and others devised a scheme to entice victims in fraud scheme that targeted victims in the Northern District of Ohio and elsewhere in the U.S. to purchase vehicles and other high-value items online.

In reality, the items didn’t exist. As a result, victims suffered a combined loss of approximately $9 million.

To conduct their scheme, Alecu and other members of the conspiracy created accounts on various auction websites to post advertisements for non-existent goods.

In some cases, they  allegedly created and used fictitious websites, email addresses and other forms of communication. They contained counterfeit trademark information designed to convince their victims that the advertisements were genuine.

The indictment states that around August of 2014, the pair exchanged a number of these fraudulent communication templates and the personal identifying information of their victims for use in the scheme to defraud.

Alecu and others allegedly used a network of money launderers and money mules to obtain payment from their victims and transfer the funds overseas.

The case was investigated by the Cleveland FBI with help from Romanian authorities.

Ms Brennan is the Acting U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.

Operation Pandora V. Thousands of coins and heritage objects seized by Romanian police, Europol

Romanian couple ‘knits’ successful business from traditional woolen quilts

Sursa: Pixabay A Romanian couple has crafted a successful business out of traditional woolen quilts which are sold to hotels and luxury yachts around Europe.

Traditional craft Catalin and Oana Tatu tapped into the traditional craft 13 years ago when their daughter was born. They wanted to find something comfortable, warm and natural in her crib.

They started out making the quilts to earn money after Catalin Tatu, an engineer, was laid off from the textile factory he worked. It was 2009 and an economic downturn gripped Romania.

They started out as a small business at in the northern city of Piatra Neamt and expanded as orders came in. They managed to secure European Union financing which allowed them to build their business.

Yachts Confort Merino now export to the UK, and upmarket hotels in France, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands.

„At the beginning it was just me, then we had to hire someone as we couldn’t cope, and things went from there,” Catalin Tatu told Digi24 in a report broadcast Monday.

Oana Tatu said her husband’s technical know-how came in handy from his work at a men’s clothing factory where they made suits and shirts.

“We created a small online shop and started thing,” she said. “We realized we could make things work even if we were small as we were producing something that wasn’t on the market.”

Oana Tatu said they have contracts with companies who sell yachts. Their merino quilts can be found on luxury yachts “in the bedroom, the master bedroom,” she said.

Initially, they didn’t have the right equipment to fill the quilts with merino wool and had to travel 50 kilometers.  “We had to get them filled, bring them back, pack them and sell them.”

European funds “This became harder and harder… but the business wasn’t big enough to buy the equipment and so our only chance was European funds which allowed us to develop.”

The equipment allows for the quilt to be filled without the material moving around. This makes is durable and easier to clean.

They made a variety of bedding products, including pillows mattress protectors and quilts of varying thickness. The company uses sustainable wool and also organic cotton.

On the net.

Coffee and donuts. Romanian ‘5 to Go’ startup opens first shop in Paris

More than 300 people evacuated after flooding destroys 120 homes in Transylvania. No casualties reported

Sursa: Facebook Some 300 people were evacuated after flash floods hit a region in Transylvania destroying 120 houses and damaging roads, interior minister Lucian Bode said on Sunday.

There were no casualties from the flooding late last week, the government said.

Prime Minister Florin Cîţu on Sunday visited the worst affected areas in Alba county. The area saw heavy flooding last week after a river burst its banks following heavy rain.

The interior minister said dozens of emergency officials had been dispatched to help with rescue efforts and evacuate people.

“What’s important is that there aren’t any casualties,” minister Bode said.

He said power had been restored 10,000 households in the area. Some 50 households still without electricity.

The premier promised financial aid to the worst stricken areas. He said the money would arrive early next week.

„It’s a fixed sum but if more is needed, we will supplement it,” he said. “The important thing is safety and for people to repair their homes and farms.”

He  called the situation “dramatic” and thanked the interior and defense  ministries  for getting involved in rescue efforts in flooded areas.

He said the government would discuss the financial aid and the way it is disbursed on Wednesday including in the case of future flooding.

VIDEO | Dozens evacuated, cars swept away, trees uprooted as flash floods hit Transylvania